Slim Power Bank iPhone Case

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Every serious traveler has to carry a portable power bank with them in this work of technology. When you spend a whole day translating, mapping, converting, and posting on Instagram your phone battery takes a major hit. Carrying a power bank and chord often clutters your pockets which can lead to disasters. The Trader Bros recommend keeping your pockets as empty as possible to keep thieves empty handed and mishaps from occurring. After using many different kinds of power banks the Bros developed this ultra thin case for Active Outdoor Supply and it is a huge hit.

  • Shell Material: Scratch Resistant Show Absorbtion Plastic
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh
  • Color classification: red (iphone6/7/8 S)2500mAh blue (iphone6/7/8S)2500mAh golden (iphone6/7/8S)2500mAh black (iphone6/7/8S)2500mAh red (iphone6p/7p/8p 3700mAh blue (iphone6p/7p/8p)3700mAh golden (iphone6p/7p/8p)3700mAh black (iphone6p/7p/8p)3700mAh red (iphone6/7/8 S)5000mAh blue (iphone6/7/8 S)5000mAh golden (iphone6/7/8 S)5000mAh black (iphone6/7/8 S)5000mAh red (iphone6p/7p/8p S)7200mAh blue (iphone6p/7p/8p)7200mAh golden (iphone6p/7p/8p)7200mAh black (iphone6p /7p/8p)7200mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery


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