Edward Rey

Life is beautiful so live it the way its meant to be lived!

I’ve worked the corporate world, I’ve been a Chief Academic Officer of a Healthcare Academy, I’ve worked hard for someone else and never took a break. One day, I told myself that this would end so I took risk’s. That risk was choosing adventure over the day to day desk job.

Now I’m a businessman, adventurer, explorer, and world traveler. I experience the cultures, food, architecture, and history and get to meet interesting and diverse people from all over. I set myself free and took control of my life so that I could truly own it! I reinvented myself and found a passion for art, music, museums, extreme sports, food, cooking, drinking, and having fun!Β 

I strongly believe in setting goals, progression, knowledge, money, being happy, and positive energy. The only boundaries in life are the ones you create. Create a vision and set goals, break barriers, achieve those goals. You are in control to build the dream that you always wanted. I.. am building mine.

This site is to share my reality and experiences, and maybe spark something in you so you can own your life too. If you love adventure, exploration, travel, or just doing something different than the everyday person, join me!Β