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The Trader Bros reunite on American soil in their 10th episode and take a small trip to Catalina Island and report on their findings. Hear about their separate adventures to famous Paris and what they got in to… food, site-seeing, and underground hiphop concerts? Choose your expedition and how you would spend your time in the City of Love. Also learn more about their recent instagram posts and a secret VIP weekend with the Trader Bros opportunity. Don’t miss the live broadcast Sunday September 23 (location TBD). 

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You can travel and then you can Trader Bros Travel. Learn how the Bros take travelling to the next level with proper planning. The tips and tricks they have learned over the years along with the mistakes they have made can help you have a great adventure. But before the life lessons, hear about the new events and a new order the Trader Bros produced. Be ready to get free giveaways of awesome items the Bros are giving away on their instagrams. All in another great episode of Trader Bros Podcast!

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The Trader Bros tackle a challenging trip in Montreal Canada for Jordan’s 34th Birthday and almost miss the trip altogether from a bottle of vodka the night before. The do’s and dont’s of the French province named after its prizes mountain. Why are girl’s so difficult to talk to in the nightclubs? Find out more and what a Trader Bros Birthday is like. Also a small tribute to the legend of soul Aretha Franklin

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What does Ikea in India and San Diego have in common? Nothing at all but the Trader Bros take a look at the furniture giant and their new growth in the 1.25 billion people country along with everything you need to know about San Diego California. Also get a little glimpse into the workings of their most recent Instagram posts. In case you didn’t catch that, “How can she slap?”. 

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Trader Bros talk about an ongoing Penguin crisis on a French island between Africa and Antartica, their experience in CDMX and what you need to know, AND their recent Instagram Q&A.

Question and Answer:

  • @nomen_nudum “How many charging adapters do you carry?”

  • @artakharoyan “do you want to go to Armenia?”

  • @azeraus “What would you recommend for a girl traveling alone

    to Europe as this can be kinda scary?”

  • @anbublaqkraff “favorite brand of wetsuit?”

  • @dragandrazicdraske “worst location so far and why?”

  • @tlc_nat “what was the best lesson you learned that you’d

    share with others?”

  • @plasticsengineer “do you only wear cotton on planes?”

  • @clauk16 “Top 3 fav destinations”

  • @itssassychic “what is your most memorable travel


  • @kaylaaschultz “how to keep a minimal budget”

  • @iriana_cg “when are you coming back to Peru?”

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The Trader Bros weekly podcast explores a new projects the Bros have been working on that will give opportunities to people all over to work abroad, Hear how travel has impacted their lives and also about their passions. Call in special guest and fellow traveler @bontron987. Follow the Trader Bros on Instagram @edwardrey99 and @jordanwendelken.

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