Trader Bros Podcast EP 5 – Mexico City

Trader Bros talk about an ongoing Penguin crisis on a French island between Africa and Antartica, their experience in CDMX and what you need to know, AND their recent Instagram Q&A.

Question and Answer:

  • @nomen_nudum “How many charging adapters do you carry?”

  • @artakharoyan “do you want to go to Armenia?”

  • @azeraus “What would you recommend for a girl traveling alone

    to Europe as this can be kinda scary?”

  • @anbublaqkraff “favorite brand of wetsuit?”

  • @dragandrazicdraske “worst location so far and why?”

  • @tlc_nat “what was the best lesson you learned that you’d

    share with others?”

  • @plasticsengineer “do you only wear cotton on planes?”

  • @clauk16 “Top 3 fav destinations”

  • @itssassychic “what is your most memorable travel


  • @kaylaaschultz “how to keep a minimal budget”

  • @iriana_cg “when are you coming back to Peru?”

Shout Out to:

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